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Seattle Therapy Network (STN) welcomes families and individuals of any race, color, nationality, gender, ethnicity, cultural background, religion, sexual orientation, family make-up or circumstances, to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities at STN. STN does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, gender, ethnic and cultural background, religion, sexual orientation, family make-up or circumstances in the administration of any programs or employment.

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A Special Place to Grow and Thrive

Back in 2005, Carey Goldenberg, CEO of Seattle Therapy Network opened a small occupational therapy practice, Giant Steps Children's Therapy with just 8 clients and a dream to leave behind the constraints of both the educational and traditional medical settings.  

In 2009, Seattle Therapy Network was born to create a collaborative, fun, and welcoming space for multiple disciplines to share space and resources. This would be a place families could access complimenary services in one shared space.


Since then, Seattle Therapy Network has grown to a team of twelve talented therapists, a great office manager, hundreds of clients who feel like family, and community partners throughout Seattle. And, we’re still growing!

Our Values


We value that people need each other and depend on each other. We value that this is true not only of children and families but of our office family as well. We know that we are stronger as an organization when we support, learn, and celebrate each other. We are more effective when we align and work together with clients and each other.


We acknowledge that in healthcare a discrepancy exists in access to care as well as the quality of it. Our team is committed to providing the best quality health care and that it is accessible for all people, of all abilities, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and socio-economic levels.


Being heard and understood is important in relationships and our sense of being. Communication through our verbal words, written words, and non-verbal expression is crucial to the therapeutic process, connections between people, and contributes to life satisfaction.


Our team of therapists believes that our services are distinct and beneficial based on current research, ongoing learning, experience, and innovations. We understand that our credibility is embedded into our treatment outcomes and work to evaluate the effectiveness of your services.


Each person’s goodness and value is seen at Seattle Therapy Network. We strive to see the strengths in others. We act as the good humans we are and treat others with dignity, respect, and communicate that all people are valuable to our community. 


Our team values play, playfulness, and working towards goals in a fun way. As a staff we enjoy a fun outlook on our professional roles. 


Families know their children best, know their family values best, and are the focus of care.