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Aquatic Therapy


Aquatic Therapy is water-based treatment and exercises provided by a licensed therapist to improve function and participation. Our program is serviced by a licensed and registered occupational therapist. The warm, buoyant water enables your child to feel free and have fun in therapy, in a natural environment! 

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

  • Increase strength and range of motion

  • Improved breath control

  • Motor planning

  • Postural control and stability

  • Improved sensory processing

  • Improved attention span and regulation

  • Circulation

  • Self-esteem, confidence


  • You will be scheduled through Seattle Therapy Network (206) 763-0352. All appointments are weekly unless otherwise arranged.

  • Cancellations need to be made with Seattle Therapy Network at least 24-hours in advanced.

  • All aquatic therapy is held at Waterbabies in Renton, WA.

Please call our office at 206-763-0352 or fill out our New Client Intake form here to be placed on our waitlist for Aquatic Therapy.

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