Exceptional, individualized therapy

to help your child bloom


Giant Steps Children's Therapy and Sound Pediatric Therapy offer the services your family needs all under the same roof.

By teaming up, you can access more specialists, more services, and a wide variety of play and treatment spaces, all under one roof.

In addition, we offer group work, classes/events, and open gym hours for play and exploration. 

sensory integration therapy
pediatric occupational 

We help kids take part in their daily occupations including developing play skills, taking care of themselves, using tools to draw and write, and managing the environment around them. 

speech language pathology

Speech Language Pathologists (SLP’s) assess and treat children with communication and oral motor delays. Therapy focuses on improving speech, language, and cognitive skills that will help children be successful communicators and listeners.


Our telehealth services offer the same high-quality and personal services you expect from the comfort of home or the convenience of school. 


Teens and young adults have ongoing developmental need that change with them as they grow. 

Woman Wearing a Scarf
sensory & adults

Many adults benefit from supports of learning about their unique sensory processing and ways to adapt, modify and feel more comfortable. 

aquatic therapy

In partnership with Safe N' Sound swimming we are proud of offer aquatic therapy. Aquatic Therapy is water-based treatment and exercises provided by a licensed therapist to improve function and participation.