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We launched our telehealth program in January of 2020 to expand our services to families that were tired of fighting Seattle traffic, families that lived in rural areas, and clients that responded best to therapy from the comfort of home. We wanted to make it easy for those who needed services. 


During the COVID outbreak, we moved all of our clients to telehealth for both occupational therapy and speech therapy with ease. We are able to provide teletherapy for new evaluations as well as for ongoing services. Our team is creative and adaptable and wants to support your child's growth and your family and have found success in this online method. 


What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a well established model of providing remote health care services via video! Our HIPAA compliant platform allows clients to meet with you and/or your child easily from your phone, tablet or computer!  

How much are services? 

Telehealth services are the same as our in-clinic rates. We will work with you and your insurance to help you get coverage for services. Most major health carriers include telehealth. 


Can I benefit from telehealth?

Pediatric clinics across the country are using telehealth to address challenges with sensory processing, motor skills, self-care, feeding, articulation, communication, handwriting, executive function skills, visual motor/visual perceptual skills and so much more! Families that have limited access to services, limited transportation options, or those who prefer to receive services in their home can benefit. Telehealth effectively empowers parents in partnership with their providers to support support their child in reaching their goals in their home environment

How do I make a telehealth appointment? 

Your telehealth appointment will be scheduled with our front desk staff like any other appointment. Fill out our New Client Intake form to get started!

How do I log on? 

You will receive appointment reminders from Fusion, our electronic medical record platform, as well from Zoom. You can join into your Zoom therapy session through your browser or by downloading the Zoom app to your smartphone or tablet. 

Your family will need: 

  • A laptop or tablet with a webcam or secure an external webcam to your computer; if using a smartphone, please ensure there is a stable way to hold the phone in place such as a phone stand, “pop-socket”, tripod, or some way of propping it securely during our session.

  • To login a few minutes before your session to ensure you have stable wireless connection and that Zoom works on your device.

  • To close all extra browser tabs on your device. 

When it's time for your session, please enter the virtual waiting room and your therapist will meet you there.


What do I need to prepare? 

We love using the materials you already have at home! Your therapist will guide you as needed if there is something to have ready for therapy. 

Other things you may need include:

  • A place where you and your child can be easily visible to the clinician. We will likely be moving the device around some during the session but will need a place in the room from which we can work.

  • For tabletop work, we recommend having a pair of headphones.

  • Pull out a few of your child's favorite items to share. We want to build a relationship with your child and our primary way to do that is through play and shared interests. 

  • Be available to support your child. This is a partnership and many families feel more empowered and feel like they learn the skills better through telehealth to support their child. 

What will my first session look like? 

We will begin our evaluation session by reviewing your concerns and making a plan with your child for our visit. At the end of the session we'll carve out time for follow up questions, to summarize findings, and to make a plan for our next visit. We will continue any part of our assessment that we did not complete on our next visit. Part of our assessment may be getting oriented to the materials and space you have to work in. This is to better understand your child's interests. Please do not worry about messes or siblings. We appreciate and respect that we are guests in your home. 

I'm heading out of state on vacation. Can we still do therapy?

Telehealth regulations indicate that therapists must be licensed in the state where the client is located. At the present time, if your location is in a state other than Washington, we request that you reschedule your session. 

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