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Coronavirus Updates

March 2021

Dear Seattle Therapy Network Team, 

With King County advancing to Phase 3, Seattle Therapy Network is excited to announce that we will be opening to 50% capacity beginning Monday, May 3rd, 2021!! Based on your feedback and questions we have delayed our increased capacity to implement protocols and procedures that work for everyone- admin and clinicians. 

How will this work? We will still provide the opportunity for all families to elect telehealth only care- it’s still the safest, and for many kids the most effective form of care. For those families requesting in-person care, clinicians will provide two consistent weeks of in-person care, followed by two weeks of telehealth care.  Your in clinic weeks will depend on whether you are Team A or Team B. We will put together your in-person schedule in the next week.  

As King County opens up, it is still critical that we proceed with caution to continue the progress made through vaccination, social distancing, mask wearing, and handwashing. We will continue with our broad safety protocols to keep our clinic clean and safe for everyone. Completing your daily COVID screening before getting to work is also part of our commitment to a safe space.   

Communicating with your clients is good practice in determining their best location of care, please reflect or talk about:

  • What progress is being made via telehealth. Are these gains similar to what you would expect working in the clinic? 

  • What therapeutic value can you anticipate in either scenario? 

  • Will the child be comfortable maintaining personal boundaries for social distancing and wearing masks throughout the session? 

We have heard your excitement for seeing clients in-person again and know this is the work that you truly love. We know this year has been hard and our commitment to work together has supported the growth of children and their development in our area. 

If you have any questions, just reach out! We want to hear your voice, thoughts, and ideas! 

With Gratitude,

September 16, 2020


Beginning October 19th, we will be offering hybrid services: a combination of in-clinic and telehealth services for Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services. This hybrid model will allow you to work with your therapist in person AND continue to build skills in your natural environment. Our hybrid plan also allows for convenient and safe access to services in a time where the world is chaotic.


The world sure has changed since the COVID pandemic first hit back in March. It has been a time to reflect on individual and family priorities, manage heightened and expanded responsibilities, and learn, unlearn, or re-learn new tasks and ideas. 


As always, our goal is to do this work together, to lift each other up, and to listen to the needs of the community. We know that challenges haven’t stopped overnight, we know parents are stressed and stretched, kids are anxious, and that the services you previously relied on for your child’s development both in the community and school have drastically changed.


Our team has adjusted to providing care via telehealth for close to 6-months now. I don’t think any of us expected that we would be providing care this way for this long. But, we have adjusted and found new ways and grown more comfortable in providing exceptional occupational and speech therapy services through this medium. We have seen so much progress in our clients- in feeding, fine motor, play, self-help, regulation, communication, and sensory---just to name a few areas of development. We are also eager to get back to the “gym” and play just as you are, keeping at the forefront the safety of our staff and our community. We feel deeply committed to public health efforts and reducing in-person interactions is the primary way STN can make a difference. 

At Seattle Therapy Network our goal is to help build strong foundations for your child in all stages of development to help support them as they grow and learn. We hope you will join us, refer to us, and continue with us- a local and trusted source in the community since 2009. 

June 24, 2020


Dear STN families, 


This year really has really been a rollercoaster! We are in unprecedented challenges and changes-- and so much unknown and doing our best to charter these uncharted waters. We know that many of you, like us, are eager to resume all of our previously enjoyed activities, including in-person therapy. We too miss the laughs, energy, and in-person connection but we know that this time period is temporary and that we want to protect our vulnerable kids, pregnant parents, grandparents, and community members with compromised immune systems. 


As we entered Phase 2, we have reflected on our commitment to reducing the spread of COVID, listened to the feedback of our team, and assessed the safest way to deliver your care. At this time we will continue to provide speech and occupational therapy via Telehealth services as it is far and away the safest provision of your healthcare and the surest way we can maintain our staff’s health. We are also reviewing your care plans to ensure that we are meeting your goals. As the weather changes to our beautiful Seattle summer days, don’t forget that you can do your telehealth appointments from anywhere you find yourself in Washington state, including grandparent’s home, the beach, a state park, or the backyard. 


We are regularly checking with all of our in-network health carriers to advocate for your services. Many of these have been extended until the end of the year already and others are routinely updating policies. Should you see a barrier to your insurance, please just let us know.


We are looking to our community to take actions that limit the spread of COVID-19, including wearing masks, limiting gatherings, practicing frequent handwashing, and maintaining social distancing so we can advance in the state reopening phases. Our team will evaluate our plan for in-person care when King County enters Phase 3. Again, given our clinic size and our proximity to high density populations, we are taking COVID seriously and want to prevent the spread, especially as it has a disproportionate effect on our communities of color. 


As we transition into summer and changes in your schedules, we want to raise your awareness of our Attendance Policy again to ensure that you are receiving care that will advance your child’s goals and respects our clinician’s time. Please talk to your therapist if there is a better time to provide your therapy. 

    • We require that families attend 75% of their scheduled therapy sessions.

    • To avoid cancellation fees, please review our late cancellation and no show policy as outlined in our policy agreement. Families will be given the opportunity to reschedule missed appointments per our clinician’s availability in order to waive late cancellation or no show fees. 


We are open to your feedback and suggestions for making re-entry to the clinic safe and comfortable for both our team and families. If you have any questions, concerns, or additional accommodations we encourage you to speak with your therapist or call to speak with a clinic director.  We want to thank you for your continued participation in services at STN and deeply appreciate your referrals of friends, family, and colleagues. Know that these are truly difficult decisions to make and we are glad to have your support as we navigate this together. 


We want to personally thank everyone that has participated in Telehealth services during this time. 

June 23, 2020

Today Governor Inslee and the Washington State Department of Health announced that King County is moving to Phase 2. We are committed to providing high quality therapy services that are both safe to our community and our team. As we assess the safety of our staff and our community, we will continue to update this site and communicate to individuals via our newsletter. 


Carey and Meredith

May 22, 2020


Dear STN families, 


We have received such positive feedback regarding our Telehealth services and we want to thank you for your continued participation in therapy. It means so much to our team to be able to provide continuity of care and to come together to support your family during our closure. At this time, we will keep our physical location closed tentatively through June. We will be looking forward to a modified opening in July, pending ongoing transmission decreases in COVID in our community, specifically in King County.


As we consider reopening the clinic, we are striving to ensure the health and safety of our team members, families, and the greater community. We will be outlining revised policy and procedures for team members and for families participation in clinic based services. As we make plans to reopen we are thinking critically about our space and capacity to ensure we follow social distancing guidelines. This means that we will reopen at partial capacity for both team members and families. We are hoping to seek a balance of both connection and safety with others.


You can expect to see many changes when we open our doors to families for clinic based care. Some of these changes will be temporary, but significant in order to minimize COVID-19 and its impact on the greater community.  


Continued participation in Telehealth services are encouraged as the safest provision of your healthcare. Telehealth is a practice that we launched prior to COVID and will continue to be available ongoing. We are working with all insurance carriers to advocate for continued Telehealth coverage and will notify your family if there are barriers. Please speak with your therapist to discuss your preferences for continued participation in Telehealth. 


You will expect to see the following changes to our clinic based care: 


Waiver for Participation in Services

All families will be asked to sign a communicable diseases waiver prior to their first therapy session. This waiver ensures that all families are abiding by our new policies and procedures which are aimed at decreasing the spread of COVID-19 in the clinic and greater community. Signing this waiver indicates your interest in resuming in-clinic care during the 2020 calendar year. 


Health Screenings and Temperature Checks

Families will be required to self screen household members for signs of illness and take temperatures within 30 minutes of leaving for therapy. If any member of the household has signs of illness or a fever of >100.4 degrees F, we ask that you call the clinic to reschedule. All families  will participate in a health screening questionnaire, with their therapist, prior to each session in the clinic. If you are unable to meet the requirements of the questionnaire, we ask that you do not participate in therapy that day. You will be given the option to reschedule your appointment that week via Telehealth according to our cancellation policy guidelines. We ask that you do not return to the clinic until members of your household are free from symptoms for at least 72 hours.


We ask that you do not participate in services at the clinic if anyone in your household has: 


  • Been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days

  • Been in close contact with someone who has confirmed or suspected COVID-19 in the last 14 days

  • Traveled abroad, been on a cruise ship, or traveled within the US to an area affected by COVID-19 in the last 14 days

  • Presented with symptoms of COVID-19, such as coughing, shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat and new loss of taste or smell. 

  • Shown other signs of illness within the last 48 hours such as diarrhea, vomiting, lice, drainage itching/redness of the eyes, rash or other unusual behaviors such as fatigue, paleness, lack of appetite or confusion.


Individuals who are at higher risk due to certain health conditions are also encouraged to wait to resume clinic based services. These populations include: 


  • People age 65 years and older

  • People who are pregnant

  • People who have certain health conditions, such as a weakened immune system or respiratory conditions



Family Participation and PPE

Our waiting room will be closed and families will be asked not to enter the facility until their designated appointment time. Session start times will be staggered to provide social distancing and therapists will ensure that sessions end on time to allow for cleaning of materials and therapy space between clients. Toys and materials will be limited to those that can be sanitized or assigned for single use to one child only.


We will allow one caregiver to join therapy and no siblings will be allowed to be in the clinic. The caregiver will be required to wear a mask as well as the child, as medically advisable if over 2 years old. We are asking all families to bring and wear their own masks. Your therapist will wear a mask at all times. Your therapy session will take place in a designated treatment room in order to limit access to materials/toys between others and to allow social distancing between families. We request your partnership in keeping everyone healthy by using the restroom before your session and performing proper hand washing before entering our clinic. 


Increased sanitization

We will implement heightened cleaning measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of our team and the families that we serve. Treatment rooms and shared spaces will be stocked with hygiene and disinfecting materials and all materials will be sanitized between sessions. Families and team members will be expected to wash hands frequently, including before and after therapy sessions. 


Markers and signage

The clinic will have additional markers and signage for social distancing, health requirements, and hand washing requirements. We will ask that all families and team members adhere to the social distancing and hygiene practices outlined in the clinic. 


As our reopening plans evolve we will communicate directly with STN families. If you have any questions or concerns we encourage you to speak with your therapist or call to speak with a clinic director. We are open to your feedback and suggestions for making re-entry to the workplace safe and comfortable for both our team and families. 


Carey and Meredith


Hello STN Families, 

Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and our mission to minimize risk, we are continuing to provide care exclusively via telehealth through the end of May. This decision was made based on availability of PPE to care for your family and our staff. Current PPE, including gloves, masks, and gowns to ensure high levels of prevention are just not widely available. We also want to be mindful of our urgent and acute care colleagues who are on the front lines who rely on these resources. As we gain more information from Governor Inslee, King County Public Health, The Centers for Disease Control, and local directives, we may chose to modify or adapt our service delivery model. We cannot thank you, our clients who have transitioned to telehealth enough for your ongoing choice to have your care delivered by our team. We always want to partner to find solutions and appreciate any feedback you may have on our telehealth program. 

Wishing you peace and health, 

Carey and Meredith

 4/13/2020 at 3:31pm

Hello STN Families, 

Our physical space has been closed since 3/18/2020 and we feel confident that our efforts have supported our local, state, national and intervnational efforts to flatten the curve and reduce harm from COVID-19. All of our 13 therapists and 2 administrative supports have been given the tools to support you as you stay home and stay safe. Our telehealth services have been helping clients building skills, empower parents with new tools, and support you during this unique time. We know many families may have had changes in financial obligations and we want to communicate that we are here to partner with you and help you navigate those changes.


As a small business we cannot thank our loyal clients enough for supporting us during this time. We really do have the best families in town--working with the best team in town! 

Best of health to you, 

Carey, Meredith & the STN team

3/16/20 at 5:48 PM

Hello STN families, 

It is with heavy heart that we provide notice that given the increased recommendations for social distancing to minimize community spread of

COVID-19, STN is transitioning all occupational and speech therapy sessions to Telehealth effective Wednesday March 18th, 2020. We are so sad

to close our doors to our clinic but in the interest of the health of you, our staff, and our greater community, we feel it is the responsible thing to

do. We feel confident that our decision will make the greatest impact to decrease the overall impact of this pandemic. We continue to be committed

to serving our community. 

You will be receiving an email invitation to join Theraplatform for our online OT and SLP therapies beginning Wednesday March 18th, 2020. Please access information regarding Telehealth services directly on our webpage. At this time, we have your family scheduled for their regular

appointments via Telehealth. 

Please respond to this email if your family needs an accommodation or has barriers for Telehealth services. Thank you for your support and collaboration as we strive to maintain continuity of care in a way that is safe for our community. 



Carey Director of OT, Meredith Director of SLP, Jasmin Front Desk Administration, Irene Billing, Nicole SLP, Jazmin SLP, Haleigh SLP, Kylee SLP,

Cameron OT, Brittany OT, McKenzie OT, Kelly OT, Ally OT, Casey OT, Maggie OT, Lauren OT, Julie OT

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