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COVID Policies



February 21, 2022

Seattle Therapy Network (Giant Steps Children's Therapy/Sound Pediatric Therapy) have put preventative measures in place due to the spread of COVID-19. However, given the nature of our evaluation and treatment methods, you may increase your risk of contracting COVID-19 by participating in services. By consenting to treatment you voluntarily assume all risks and agree that you will not hold Seattle Therapy Network/Giant Steps Children's Therapy/Sound Pediatric Therapy, any of its employees, or entities liable for any resulting illness or injury. To help limit the chance of exposure, we ask that you agree to notify us immediately of positive COVID-19 tests in your household. We will communicate necessary quarantine or isolation requirements based on WA State and DOH guidelines.

In addition, we ask for your cooperation with the following outlined changes to protect you, your family, our team and the community:


  1. We ask that you self screen your family for signs of illness, including taking temperatures within 30 minutes of coming to the clinic. Stay home if any family member has a temperature of 100.4 degrees or more.

  2. We ask that caregivers wear a mask during their visit to Seattle Therapy Network. Children over 2 years old will also be asked to use a mask based on ability and medical guidance.

  3. We ask that you wait in your car or outside the building until your designated start time for services and leave the clinic immediately ending your session.

  4. We ask that you follow social distancing signage and practices while participating in services.

  5. We ask that you wash your hands and patients hands prior to entering the clinic space. There is a bathroom in our building to utilize prior to checking in for your appointment.

  6. We ask that you participate in a health screening, including a temperature check, with a team member prior to beginning your therapy session. 

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