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September: Deaf Awareness Month

September is Deaf Awareness Month! We are taking advantage of this month to share a variety of resources related to services, education, advocacy, and more!


The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services provides a number of resources including Telecommunication equipment, family mentoring programs, interpreter services, and more!

Community Organizations

Northwest Washington Community of the Deaf's mission is to "to promote educational activities, social and personal enrichment, leadership abilities, just rights and privileges for individuals as well as introducing awareness of Deaf culture and American Sign Language to society at large."

The Northwest Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf is a group that is dedicated to the LGBTQ+ Deaf Community.


Check out this list of books for a variety of ages from the Seattle Public Library!


DeafNation Expo- November 5th, 2022 at Seattle Center

There are a number of social events through the Washington State Association of the Deaf (WSAD) including coffee chats and nights out!

Ways you can celebrate Deaf Awareness Month:

- Learn sign language

- Share stories from deaf creators, activists, etc.

- Watch movies that feature deaf characters

- Read books by deaf authors

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