We are a team of progressive professionals who work collaboratively to make therapy seem easy— and fun! Families benefit from our diverse interests and experience, as well as our our mutual trust and respect. But what really sets us apart? We take the time to understand your situation in depth, and work together to develop a tailored care plan that’s unique to your child and family.

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Our Team -  

It's Nice to Meet you! 

Meredith Shatto
CEO Sound Pediatric Therapy Clinic Director | 
Speech Language Pathologist

Meredith specializes in working with children who have feeding and oral-motor delays. She is a steering committee member for the Pediatric Feeding Association and has over 15 years experience working as an SLP providing therapy in birth to three, community, and private practice settings. Meredith enjoys presenting in the community to provide education to families and educators on typical development and red flags for communication and feeding delays. 

Special interests and expertise: birth-to-three, oral-motor and feeding delays, SOS approach to feeding, parent coaching, 'It Takes Two to Talk' certified instructor and parent trainer.

Meredith plans frequent getaways to Vashon to hunt for beach glass and enjoy time with her family.  She loves all things food - eating, cooking, canning, grocery shopping, farmers' markets, berry-picking, cookbook browsing, and dining out.

"I am especially passionate about helping children become better feeders, but the relationships I build with the families and the growth I see in their children is what makes my work so rewarding."

Jason Pickerill 
CFO Seattle Therapy Network | 
Occupational Therapist

Jason Pickerill, CFO and owner of Seattle Therapy Network, went to school at University of Toronto and graduated with a degree in occupational therapy. As a Canadian, being able to serve everyone's healthcare needs is an important value.  

Special interests and expertise: business management, program growth, healthcare access. 

Outside of the office, Jason has always enjoyed competitive sports like basketball and racquet sports. He’s teaching his kids guitar, coaching chess at their school, coaches at the YMCA on weekends, and with the help of some friends, has formed and coaches Special Olympics teams in Southern Colorado. 

"My goal is to take care of my team members so they can take good care of you."

Carey Goldenberg 

Founder| Occupational Therapist

Carey loves to help families better understand their children and help make every day activities more enjoyable for everyone. She is an advanced practitioner in sensory integration and loves working with kids who have complex behavioral challenges.

Special interests and expertise: Sensory Integration, Dyspraxia, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Social Thinking.

Carey is a planner! Outside of work, you’ll probably find her reading a Lonely Planet book to research her next trip, looking for something new to try locally with her family, or dreaming up a menu for her next big party.


“Our values around seeing ALL families is unique. We respect that each family has it’s own values, routines, makeup, culture, and financial needs. We really strive to understand all the factors that contribute to what brings families to our office and use all the tools at our disposal to help.”

Claudia Nassif
Operations Director

Claudia supports our team of therapists and administrative professionals with day to day systems. Her detailed oriented ways ensure that our team keeps up with all aspects of maintaining a health care clinic and that our team works together! 

Special Interests: HIPAA compliance, health practice management, 

Tina Esterly
Authorizations Administrator

When it comes to navigating insurance authorizations, Tina knows how to get the job done! 

Special Interests: Authorizations/Verfications, Insurance

Marina Fischer
Clinic Coordinator

Marina enjoys being the first friendly face to greet families coming into Seattle Therapy Network, and encouraging everyone to be their most authentic selves. With a background in a multiple of customer service roles, Marina is ready to jump in and make your time as pleasant and welcoming as possible!

Special Interests: Customer Service, Diversity & Inclusion, and Business Management

Outside of her time at Seattle Therapy Network, you can find Marina spending time with her sixteen pound (and still growing!) cat, Auri, reading, and searching for her next spot to road trip to.

"The multi-discipline and holistic care tended towards every patient is something incredible to see."

Jazmin Rambeau 

Speech Language Pathologist 

Jazmin is a multi-passionate SLP and yoga teacher. She uses a holistic framework to help children understand the world around them, express their inner voice, and enjoy a variety of foods.


Special interests and expertise: Listening and Spoken Language, birth-to-three,  articulation, and fluency. She is certified in the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding.


Outside of work, you can find Jazmin visiting yoga studios, reading astrology books, dancing at concerts, and exploring the outdoors.


"Communication is the key to connection. Nothing brings me greater joy than to see a child share their authentic self with greater clarity and confidence."

Samantha Kim

Speech Language Pathologist 

Samantha provides therapy for children with speech and language delays and is a bilingual Korean speaker! She is passionate about working with children, families, and other therapists to provide functional and collaborative evaluation and treatment services. Samantha values play based therapy and believes that fostering play is a necessity for every child to help support their development. 

Samantha's areas of interest include: social communication, play-based therapy with toddler and preschoolers, AAC, and working with culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

Outside of the clinic, Samantha enjoys baking lots of cookies and breads, hiking, trying new foods, binging the latest new show, and spending time with friends and family.

"Every voice, no matter what it may look or sound like, deserves to be heard. Communication is so important at all stages of life to connect with others, comment about the world around them, and make needs known."

Temre Brandt

Speech Language Pathologist

Temre is passionate about using strengths-based and holistic approaches to therapy, with an emphasis on collaborating with children and their caregivers to ensure therapy goals are in alignment with each family’s identities, culture(s), and linguistic values. Temre is a conversational speaker of Spanish and can provide therapy to early language learners of Spanish.

Temre's areas of interest and specialities include early intervention, play-based therapy, caregiver-coaching, infant/toddler mental health perspectives, the Hanen Center’s ‘It Takes Two to Talk’, the SOS Approach to Feeding, and the Palin Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for Children Under Seven Who Stutter. Temre has also completed introductory coursework for the DIR/Floortime and the SCERTS model.

Temre is a creative person who enjoys self-expression through singing, dancing, and creating art. Temre is learning more about ethical foraging and loves reconnecting with nature whenever possible.

“Every human being brings a unique identity and perspective to the world. Successful communication is the key to deepening relationships, building confidence, and opening the door to new possibilities.”

Claire Fischer

Speech Language Pathologist

Claire provides speech-language therapy to children and young adults with speech and language delays. She specializes in social communication and literacy skills. Claire speaks conversational Spanish, and can deliver therapy in Spanish for early language learners.


Claire has had specialized training in PODD, Social Thinking, and several Lindamood-Bell Programs, including LiPS, Seeing Stars, and Visualizing and Verbalizing. She has also completed introductory coursework for the SCERTS Model and DIR/Floortime. 


Outside of work, Claire enjoys spending time with her husband and their family and friends, especially at group dinners and game nights. She loves being outside, whether it’s learning to garden, walking in the neighborhood, or hiking!


“I love learning about how each of my patients experiences the world, and figuring out how to use that information to make therapy meaningful and empowering (and of course, fun!). Teaming with parents and caregivers is equally important to me--it is wonderful to see them realize how much they themselves can help their children learn and grow!”

Kylee Osowski

Speech Language Pathologist

Kylee has experience working with children of all ages on their speech and language skills in both private and educational settings. She loves building confidence through functional, engaging activities. She appreciates that STN provides her with the opportunity to collaborate with others and bring children together to work on shared goals. 

Kylee's special interests and expertise include: AAC, Visualizing and Verbalizing, social skills, articulation, PROMPT trained, and introductory coursework in DIR/Floortime.

Outside of work, she enjoys backpacking on or near a mountain with friends. When the rain keeps her inside, she prefer to read a good book paired with a warm, caffeinated drink.

"Everyone (at STN) is genuine and truly cares about the work they do."

Lindsey Altum

Speech Language Pathologist Student

Lindsey is an enthusiastic second-year graduate student clinician studying Medical Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) at the University of Washington. She has in-person and remote telehealth clinical experiences providing SLP services to adult and pediatric clients. 

Special interests include Voice, Communication Counseling, Cultural Humility, and Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC)

In her free time, you can usually find Lindsey kayaking, hiking, or biking through the diverse terrain of Washington - away from the hustle and bustle of Seattle. If the weather's not great, she may be indoors, tending to her houseplants and watching a good movie.

Kiah Lourens

Speech Language Pathologist Intern

Kiah is a third-year undergraduate student studying Speech and Hearing Sciences at the University of Washington. She plans to attend graduate school to pursue a Master's in Speech Language Pathology and work with pediatric clients with speech and language delays. Kiah is interested in learning more about being a pediatric SLP through volunteering to support our team with material development, clinic organization, and administrative duties. 

Special interests include: Early intervention, Language and Auditory development, Social Communication, and Feeding and Swallowing delays.

In her spare time, you can find Kiah taking a virtual yoga class or curling up with her latest book (always taking new recommendations!). On sunny days, you may run into her at your local bagel shop or on a stroll through the city.

Kelly Moody

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapist Kelly, joined the STN team in 2017, returning to pediatric practice after a decade of working with adults in physical recovery. She brings a unique perspective to her work with families, considering occupation and wellbeing for each member of the family across the lifespan.


Kelly has completed level 1 Mentorship at Lucy Miller's STAR institute for sensory processing in Denver, CO. Additionally, she makes use of the SCERTS model in assessment and goal-writing, and favors a child-led approach to therapeutic intervention.  


When not at work, Kelly is usually swinging kettlebells at Seattle Kettlebell Club, or exploring the trails of this beautiful state with her family (3 kids, a marvelous partner, Jacob, and a labradoodle named Opal!).  Additionally, she pursues her passion for integrating spirituality into daily life among people of all ages at St. Michael's Episcopal Church in Issaquah. 

"I consider it a great privilege to get to know your children...they continually encourage me to see the world from a beautiful angle. "

Casey Mendoza

Occupational Therapist

Casey joins our team with a rich background in Floortime/DIR. A graduate of the University of Puget Sound, Casey has a holistic and client-centered  and team-approach to therapy. She loves helping all children live life to their fullest! Casey has completed her certification in Ayres Sensory Integration. 

Special Interests: DIR/Floortime, Sensory Processing and Integration, Praxis, and Emotional Regulation, NDT.

When she's not busy planning fun therapy sessions, Casey enjoys running with her pup Brody, crafting, reading, and volunteering for an adaptive yoga center. 

"The smiles and laughter that come when a goal is achieved or something went right brings me more joy than I can put into words! I feel very lucky and honored to work with your children."

Lauren McCarthy 

 Occupational Therapist

Lauren is passionate about working with children because  she is able to build strong connections with the kids and families that she serves. Lauren strives to use laughter, fun, and child centered play to help children build confidence and achieve their goals.

Special interests include sensory integration, emotional regulation, and feeding. She certified in the SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Feeding.

Outside of work you can find her attempting to check off every hike and backpacking trip possible on her WTA and All Trails lists, trying out a new workout class, or searching to find her next favorite coffee shop.

"Of course witnessing the confidence that comes from achieving a goal is rewarding, but what I love even more about being an OT is being there for every step of the process to achieve that goal. I love making each and every step so fun that it doesn't even feel like work!"

Maggie Stapleton

Occupational Therapist

Maggie has worked with children as an occupational therapist and yoga teacher on both the east and west coasts! She uses a holistic approach to help children and families be more independent and adaptable in their everyday lives.

Special interests include children's yoga, sensory integration, executive functioning, and emotional regulation.

Outside of work, Maggie can be found on her yoga mat, listening to music, getting lost in books, exploring Washington's urban and natural landscapes, or whipping up some vegan meals and sweets.

"I love seeing children smile and feel successful in their everyday lives! It's those moments of success after all the hard work that make OT so rewarding."

Ally Mohr

Occupational Therapist

Ally joined our team after working in early intervention and an outpatient pediatric clinic in the Chicago area. She enjoys bringing families into the therapy process and focusing on each child's potential. 

Ally specializes in Sensory Processing, Praxis, Postural control, Emotional regulation, and Infant and toddler development.  Bringing the FUN in FUNCTION is her goal in scaffolding each of her clients maximal independence.

Outside of work, she enjoys tackling challenging board games with friends, attempting to crochet something warm, and learning new bouldering techniques



" I value establishing strong relationships with each child and their family, as well as providing practical strategies that they can incorporate into their routines. " 

Ileanna Zaballa

Occupational Therapist

Ileanna is a bilingual Spanish-speaking therapist who is passionate about providing equitable and family-centered care. She focuses on the strengths children have and uses interactive play to boost skills and build confidence.

Special interests include sensory integration, praxis, and emotional regulation.

Outside of the clinic, Ileanna enjoys traveling, going to concerts, indoor cycling, and engaging in a creative outlet (painting, drawing, calligraphy, you name it!)

"The best part of my job is building connections and using play to help kids develop skills to better navigate their daily lives. It is such a privilege to celebrate victories with families, no matter how big or small."

Julianne Waltenburg

Occupational Therapist

Juli is a curious and kind occupational therapist who enjoys collaboration with colleagues and caregivers. Creating a connection and sense of understanding in therapy is a priority of Juli. 

Special interests include: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Sensory Integration, DIR/Floortime.

In her free time, when she isn't playing or snuggling with her cat, Cairo you can find her spending time outdoors, enjoying her friends and family, and finishing that jigsaw puzzle that looked near impossible! 

"Seeing a child's face light up when they are able to do something they originally didn't think they were capable of and hearing parents/caregivers talk about how they've noticed positive changes in their child is the highlight of my work. "