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Occupational Therapy


Our holistic, research-based approach to occupational therapy is tailored to individual needs and parent concerns. We help kids take part in their daily occupations including developing play skills, taking care of themselves, using tools to draw and write, and managing the environment around them. Often we use a child-directed, sensory integration approach to help kids better function in everyday activities.


Parents often seek out an occupational therapist because their child is  demonstrating some or all of the following differences:

  • Excessive and intense outbursts and tantrums with possible harm to self or others

  • Wearing a variety of clothing

  • Relying on rigid routines and rituals

  • Oversensitive to noise, sound, touch, and movement

  • Impulsive, unsafe and unpredictable

  • Paying attention and organizing themselves for school and home life

  • Clumsy and inefficient when moving through space

  • Handwriting and other fine motor tasks

  • Making friends and playing alone or with friends

  • Poor self-esteem and self-concept

  • Performing daily routines.

Advanced Interventions + Specialty Services.

We provide comprehensive children's evaluations to identify, treat and prevent limitations related to gross motor, fine motor, sensory processing, self-care, self-regulation, and health/wellness.

Specialty services we offer include:

occupatonal therapy, sensory integration
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