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Teens & Young Adults


Teens and young adults with autism have unique needs. Our goal is to understand the individualized interests, needs, and skills of each client to help them meet their personal goals. Autistic teens and young adults often face daily challenges due to differences with social communication and sensory processing. Our team of occupational and speech therapists can help your teen or young adult create their best life using positive strategies.

What We Do

Designing New Strategies

We can help to create new sensory strategies, adapt daily routines, or teach teens to better navigate dating life. Sensory differences are a hallmark of autism. Finding the right tools to feel great is our goal.

Building Better Self-esteem

Whether it's learning about self-advocacy, feeling good and positive in our bodies, or becoming better problem-solvers, we support individuals to feel more comfortable being themselves and expressing wants and needs.

Creating Connections

Managing the social world can be tough for most any teen or young adult. We help make sense of these social challenges and build language and interpersonal skills. Using strengths, interests, and internal drive, we help teens find ways to feel more connected with others in a neurodiverse community.

Becoming the Future

Having skills to get and keep a job, live more independently, and pursue leisure, social, intimate, and education interests is important to living life to it's fullest. Let us help you bolster skills to scaffold all the potential.

Custom services we offer for teens include:

  • Individual therapy

  • Small groups

  • Community visits

  • Job consultations

  • sensory smart home and office design consultations

  • Leisure exploration

  • Executive skill coaching

  • Integrated Listening Systems

  • Social skill support

  • Self-Care, Home & Community Skill Building

  • Self-regulation

  • Interoception, Body Awareness & Health Management

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