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Boosting confidence.
Building skills.
Bolstering whole families.

We help kids with special needs, to simply be kids! We provide a safe, happy and challenging environment, packed with fun and imaginative opportunities. Through play and discovery, children and teens experience movement and use their senses. We help them develop skills that open doors and unlock their individual potential, so they can enjoy life like everyone should.

Find out how our experienced team of occupational and speech therapists use a collaborative, holistic approach to help meet your needs.

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Seattle Therapy Network provides therapeutic services for:

ADHD · Articulation disorders · Autism ·

Cerebral palsy/hemiplegia · Cognitive delays · Communication delays · Developmental delays · Down Syndrome · Dysphagia · Dysgraphia · Handwriting Difficulties · Feeding and oral motor · Learning disabilities · Neurological conditions · Regulatory difficulties · Sensory processing disorders · Social delays · Sports related injuries · Stuttering · Torticollis · Vision  impairment · Voice

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