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Group work helps your child prepare for classroom expectations, improve their communication skills, explore sensory experiences, build fine and gross motor skills, promote problem solving, and foster social skills.


We offer a variety of groups for different age groups, facilitated by a licensed pediatric therapist unless otherwise noted.​ Please call the clinic if you would like to know the status of our current group offerings. 

  • Feeding groups

  • Self-regulation/Alert Program

  • Handwriting

  • Social Skills

  • Yoga

  • Shoe Tying

Groups at Seattle Therapy Network
handwriting group

Educational Inservices 

We offer free community inservices focused on educating our community of caregivers and educators. Our experienced team of OT's and SLP's are able to share information regarding typical development and strategies for caregivers and educators to support children in reaching their full potential. We love to present at preschools, daycares, private schools, and co-ops! Please call the clinic if your organization would benefit from a free inservice.


Offerings include:

  • Social Emotional Development and Collaborative Tools to Facilitate Independence in Everyday Routines

  • Speech and Language Development and Strategies for Supporting Communication in Everyday Routines

  • Articulation Development and Strategies to Develop Speech in Everyday Routines

  • Encouraging Healthy Sensory Systems 

  • Developing Healthy Mealtime Routines and Eating Habits with Children 

  • Teaching Self Advocacy

  • Teaching Self-Awareness

  • Teaching Emotion Vocabulary

  • What is Neurodiversity and what does it mean to be Neurodiversity Affirming?

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